Holy lexicon, Batman! Comic book language from Agitron to Zod

The most hotly-anticipated film of the summer, Suicide Squad, shows that even supevillains can make a contribution to society. But what contribution have superheroes, supervillains, and comic books in general made to the English language? Here’s an A-Z of words and terms from comic book culture. Some have yet to gain the traction to make […]

12 gaming words you need to know

Once gaming branched into the online world, a whole new way of playing video games emerged. During the days where the arcades were thriving businesses, there were some very obvious patterns to how gaming words appeared. Most words would either define a piece of hardware, or describe the genre of the game. Once gaming branched […]

The words you need to know before skateboarding

Today is Go Skateboarding Day – an annual celebration of skateboarding intended to promote the sport and make it more accessible to the uninitiated. Skateboarding began in California in the 1940s, invented by surfers looking for excitement when the waves were too flat to surf; the earliest skateboards were devised by adding roller skate wheels […]

Here are 9 pronunciations for you and your friends to argue about

When it comes to pronunciation, there’s always something to argue about And we’ve all done it –whether standing in line at Starbucks arguing about espresso or throwing down about whether or not to enunciate the ‘r’ in the second month of the year. So here’s more grist for the argument mill. 1. timbre If you’re […]

How brothers became buddies and bros

The Oxford English Dictionary’s (OED) latest update includes more than 1,800 fully revised entries, including the entry for brother and many words relating to it. During the revision process, entries undergo new research, and evidence is analyzed to determine whether additional meanings and formations are needed. Sometimes, this process results in a much larger entry. […]

15 ways to say ‘maybe’

We’ve already given you the lowdown on the many and various ways you can say ‘yes’ and ‘no’, and now we want to liven up the vocabulary of the less committed. What happens if you want to stay on the fence and say ‘maybe’? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Peradventure Archaic or humorous now, […]

Your vs you’re

Similar to other pairs like whose and who’s, the pairing you’re and your often causes confusion. In fact, it’s not hard to find hundreds of mistakes bearing this out in the Oxford English Corpus, a collection of examples drawn from around the Internet. Those your vs you’re mistakes include the following: X You wanted sumptuous and […]

15 words invented by authors

What about those inventors of words that have enriched our lexicon with their language? Let’s take a look at fifteen authors, and the words they coined: 1. Superman Superman is a translation of the German Übermensch commonly associated with Irish writer George Bernard Shaw. German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche in Also sprach Zarathustra (1883) used Übermensch to […]

Palavras em inglês típicas do mundo das séries

Se você ama séries de TV ou de serviços online como a Netflix, já deve estar acostumado a ler informações em inglês sobre temporadas, cancelamentos ou curiosidades sobre as suas produções preferidas.Essa é uma forma muito divertida e eficiente de aprender o idioma: explorando temas de interesse pessoal. A seguir, você verá palavras em inglês […]

‘Wreak havoc’ or ‘wreck havoc’?

The harsh Southwest sun can wreak havoc on a wood deck. Last summer’s hot, dry weather wrecked havoc on soybean seed production.   Do you know which one is correct? English speakers often confuse ‘wreak havoc’ with ‘wreck havoc’. The confusion is more than understandable: both words are nearly homophones (they sound alike) and also are […]


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